Season 2 Law and Order True Crime No Further a Mystery

Marv Albert's Head: One thing pretty Unusual has just happened In this particular battle concerning space clowns and atomic supermen.

Leela forces the monks in to the monastery's laundry space. As she does, a single mutters "this is the worst craziest sect I have ever been in".

(Zoidberg is standing more than the anteater pit, whilst while in the background we listen to Hermes screaming in ache)

Bender goes into a mechanic to install shock-absorbing bumpers to forestall catastrophic butt failure, Nonetheless they make Bender's ass glance additional human & even larger, Substantially to his shock.

Dr. Banjo: Things Do not exist just because you suspect in them! Therefore sayeth the almighty creature within the sky!

Any time Bender is called obtaining no thoughts. He's possibly one of the most psychological member of the most crucial Forged.

Bender, offended at the Robotic Satan, attempts to notify him to Chunk his shiny metal ass, but realizes that given that he bought his ass plate towards the Satan, there isn't any shiny steel ass to bite:

"Benderama" finally comes to a point exactly where all h2o on Earth happens to be alcoholic in the direct manipulation of atoms by microscopic Bender clones. Morbo and Linda's drunk newscast

Zapp promises his victory above the killbots was an easy matter of outsmarting them, which Fry suggests he by no means might have thought of.

Just one challenge features a time-travelling Bender go to this website face a Model on the Salem Witch trials, just the individuals are looking robots

Farnsworth: Hmm. I'm not pretty sure. Probably observing things from a new point of view has reminded me of life's magnificence. Or maybe my new posture is producing blood to pool in the back of my Mind, resulting in a moderate delirium. By the way, there is a dime up your nose.

"Show me on this anatomically accurate doll precisely the place Bender touched you." Farnsworth to Fry, when his Mind is switched with a monkey's.

The Osirians make Bender their king using a Wall of Prophecy which includes hieroglyphics that they decipher to ascertain their ruler. The natural way, Bender had poorly chiseled his producing within the wall to deceive them, so...

Given that the crew drills deep beneath the like it earth to seek out petroleum oil go now for Bender's ladies to rejoice "Robotanukah" via oil-wrestling (It...makes sense in context, alright?), the crew comes through the "albino humping worm". Cue this Trade:

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